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Marijuana Domain Names See Increasing Aftermarket Prices

Cannabis domains listed below for sale by legal industry participant since 2010, in Sacramento, California, Ty Palmer. Email: [email protected]

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Premium aftermarket cannabis domains for sale via $12,000 $12,000 $20,000 $1,400,000

Domains are digital real estate that grow in value over the decades. Leverage the baked in power of the English language with an authoritative, legitimate, memorable, generic domain name to generate leads via search engines without spending a dollar on ads. Right now, customers around the world are wondering how they will “get cannabis”, and many shoppers will type those exact words into a browser or search engine. If you want to be found, be where people are already looking.

Cannabis Domain Comparables

Comparable sales of easy-to-remember cannabis domains show the underlying value of premium marijuana domain names such as which sold for $3m + 5% equity in 2009 by the current seller of many “Get___*com” domains, all listed for sale with lease options. (no affiliation) is currently listed for sale at $6.55m, for example. was recently sold by the same seller for $3.6m, including $1.8m in cash plus another $1.8m in royalties to be paid over 10 years.

The sale of for $4.20m in 2011 is a benchmark for what’s possible with one-word, top-level domain name transactions in cannabis. As the global market expands, the value of cannabis domains will follow suit. Which begs the question, what would sell for today, on the eve of legalization, not only in the United States, but also Mexico, Spain, and a long list of countries poised for progressive change?

After federal legalization is in full swing, timeless web addresses will have the potential to draw customers to websites and apps for…well, forever. Worldwide audiences are attracted to universally shared terms for cannabis which can be read as both general and specific names. Notably, was sold for $500k in 2018.

Two-Word Cannabis Domains

Two-word cannabis domains are especially valuable as a relatively inexpensive way to gain top-of-mind recall, as compared to one-word domains. In February of 2022, sold for $3m.

Looking outside of the cannabis industry for an example, in 2019 sold for $600k. Another example of the magic of generic two-word domains is the sale of for $700k in 2011. And the domain sold for $725k in 2013.


Brands can enjoy considerable type-in traffic from commonly used words or short phrases., and all demonstrate how two-word domain names really represent one single idea in the mind of people searching the web.

The company which invests in a premium domain concept, in a white-hot industry, can capture top of mind attention not just by being on the first page of Google, but by being the very first “organic” (non-paid) result. Customer acquisition costs are thereby lowered over the lifetime of the domain.

Legal Cannabis

While acquiring legal cannabis is currently a local-only affair for consumers, the global legal marketplace will open up fast. I’m already seeing legal business-to-business transactions happen from one nation to another in progressive cannabis countries such as Canada, Israel, and Columbia, for example.

The prospect of individual consumers buying California cannabis via the internet and having it shipped to them around the world makes two-word domain concepts like valuable to an English speaking audience. The audience for cannabis pairing dinners in the greatest cities of the world will certainly understand a brand that makes themselves easily found, and immediately understood, at or Generic domain names are here to stay.